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Hello there! I'm Z, a freelance illustrator from the East Midlands, UK. I love to make illustrations representing the facets of life which deserve a bit more limelight, and bringing happiness to others through this work. I recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Illustration which has allowed me to gain extensive experience in both traditional and digital illustration and animation, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Blender 3D, oil painting and acrylic painting, as well as communicating with clients and establishing contracts.

My audience completes my work - if I can put a smile on (or bring a tear to!) somebody else's face then my job has been a success!


My other interests include video games, languages, crochet, astronomy, music and cats - getting to create work surrounding these topics brings me a joy like no other!



Discover Lincoln - Large-scale mural work

University of Lincoln Student Life - Editorial illustrations

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